Rich snippet testing bookmarklet

Rich snippet testing bookmarklet

If you're a big fan of using structured data (aka rich snippets) in your web development, you will appreciate this. So obvious, I wish I had thought of it!

If you're not using structured data, you should be! Read up on it over at Google's help pages.

This is an example of structured data/rich snippet output;

The problem

I'm constantly modifying my site templates to better use HTML5 and structured data, also known as “rich snippets”. I use Google's rich snippet testing tool to check out how the structured data is output.

I have to paste in the url of each page I want to view, and then select preview. Not exactly elegant.

The solution

This seems like a no-brainer after I stumbled across AJ Kohn's Rich Snippet Testing Tool Bookmarklet. I can't believe I hadn't at least thought of doing something similar.

Simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar on your browser, then click it on whatever page you're on and it will auto-submit the url to Google's Structured Data Testing Tool. An excellent little time-saver.

Simply brilliant. Thanks AJ!




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